Word by Word Book

Word by Word Cover-frontIn various places in Word by Word: An Editor Guides Writers in the Self-Editing Process, I send you to this page for technical help with formatting your document. Following are some links to documents with step-by-step instructions that will be helpful as you navigate Microsoft Word. The advice here is for PC users of Word. (Stay tuned for advice for Mac users.)

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Technical Tip: Creating Your Manuscript Template

Technical Tip: Removing Tabbed Indents

Technical Tip: Fixing Double Spacing between Sentences

Technical Tip: Page Headers and Page Numbers

Technical Tip: Page Break between Chapters

Technical Tip: Building a Table of Contents

Technical Tip: Inserting endnotes and footnotes

Technical Tip: Inserting an En-dash

Technical Tip: Inserting an Em-dash

Endorsements and reviews for Word by Word:

T.R. Knight, game industry freelancer and editor, reviews my book on his website.

“Congratulations—you’ve completed your manuscript! But now what? With the wisdom of a favorite professor and the rapport of a trusted friend, Linda Taylor offers step-by-step instructions for getting your manuscript ready for publication. This book offers a glimpse into the often-mysterious world of publishing and gives practical suggestions for refining your craft. If you want your manuscript to rise above the slush pile, you’d be wise to heed the advice in this book.” —Stephanie Rische, senior editor at Tyndale House Publishers and author of I Was Blind (Dating), but Now I See

“If you want to impress an editor, you need to edit your manuscripts before submitting them. Linda Taylor guides you through the editing process to create clean copy that is more likely to result in a check instead of a rejection letter.” —Lin Johnson, managing editor, Christian Communicator, director, Write-to-Publish Conference

“I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your book, Word by Word. In fact, I’ve made it required reading for ALL of my students doing their masters and doctorate thesis projects. I only wish I’d read your book 20 years ago. It is most encouraging and enlightening. Your section on ‘passive tense’ really spoke to my spirit. Thank you for taking the time to develop this resource.” —Vernon Whaley, D.Min, Ph.D., Dean, Liberty University School of Music