About Linda

Linda Taylor is a wife, a mom, a grandma, a writer, an editor, a reader, an assistant prof at a university, a Christian, a dog lover, a new cat lover (and has way too many cats), and a transplant from the suburbs to a small country town. She and her husband also seem to be magnets for stray animals (hence, the cats). They spend their free time working on taming their yard, slowly remodeling their 100-year-old Victorian house, enjoying their grandchildren, and learning something new every day.Linda-1

Linda is a proud Air Force brat who had the privilege of growing up in many places in the United States and completing her high school years in Bonn, Germany. She has a B.A. in English and Writing from Houghton College, Houghton, NY (1980), an M.A. in English from Ball State University, Muncie, IN (2013), and an M.F.A in Creative Writing (Creative Nonfiction) from Ashland University, Ashland, OH (2017).

Before beginning her teaching career at Taylor University, Linda spent 35 years in Christian publishing, a journey that began with her work on the team that created the best-selling Life Application Study Bible. (You can read that story here.) Linda has written several books, contributed to dozens, and edited hundreds. She has a passion for words well written and helping others do their best writing.

She coordinates a Christian writers conference at Taylor University, held each summer on the campus of Taylor University. Read all about Taylor’s Professional Writing Conference and think about joining them!

Follow her on Twitter, @LindaEdits.kid

Linda does freelance copyediting and proofreading. If you’re interested in her services, check out the Editing Services page on this website.

Email Linda at linda{at}lindaktaylor{dot}com or fill out the form below.

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6 thoughts on “About Linda

  1. Hi Linda,

    We met in Doc Hensley class at Taylor last week. I stopped by your blog and really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    Thanks again for all the info. you gave in class. It was great to here actual “play-by-play” of what happens in your office.

    Hope we have the chance to talk again.

    Nikki Barcus

  2. Hey Linda

    I thought I was already signed up for your blog but I guess I wasn’t because I haven’t been getting any email notifications. Just started reading it today and it’s so nice to read you. I love words, words, words, especially yours and am glad you are writing where I can read you. I really like your photo here. You look very happy and quite pretty. Looking forward to reading more of you. Janine

  3. Linda, -Just want you to know I enjoy reading your writing. Your kind spirit comes through in your words. I am a writer/editor who, after over 25 years of teaching my kids at home, now has time to pursue my craft. It started with editing a series of books for a friend (for free) and now ghost writing a book for someone else. Keep those blogs coming! –Roberta

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