Pathway to Publication Book

You’ve finished your manuscript and you want to get published. There’s a prescribed pathway to do this, and you need to follow it.
Let Linda Taylor guide you on that path.

The book comes out of the courses Linda teaches in the Professional Writing major at Taylor University. Her focus — as it is in everything — is the practical application of what she talks about. Thus, the book will take you to a spot on this website where you can download worksheets in order to actually work through what she discusses in each chapter (the page is password protected; the password is given in the book).

This is a great resource for all writers, and Linda also wrote it for homeschool parents who have teen writers who might like some advice on stepping on that pathway to eventual publication.

New writers and homeschool students will find

  • A map for the pathway that logically moves you forward
  • Exercises on downloadable worksheets for practical application
  • Guidance to create a one-sheet, proposal, website, and social media calendar
  • Advice in researching agents and publishers
  • Assistance in self-editing and formatting your manuscript

Publication date: March 2023
Publisher: Bold Vision Books
Genre: Nonfiction
Page count: 256
Price: $17.99
ISBN: 9781-946708-878

Invite Linda to speak at your writers conference, writers group, or homeschool writing event. She’s happy to encourage writers of all ages and levels. Write her at
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Pathway to Publication Endorsements

“Don’t even dream of self-publishing or publishing traditionally without immersing yourself in Linda Taylor’s Pathway to Publication. She covers everything, based on a lifetime of experience. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting in one of her excellent classes. Everything I hoped would be included was covered with care.”

Jerry B. Jenkins, writing coach ( and author of more than 200 books (including the Left Behind and The Chosen series)

“I’ve known Linda for over three decades and worked with her on many projects. Her knowledge, her teaching voice, and her desire to help writers comes from a genuine love for books and for bringing good books into the world. She understands the pathway to publication having traveled it for many years. I know this will be an excellent tool for every writer.”

Ron Beers, Chief Publishing Officer, Tyndale House Publishers

“Every wilderness hiker setting out on an unknown, mysterious trail benefits from having a seasoned guide to help them get to their desired destination. Linda Taylor’s Pathway to Publication is an up-to-date, wise, textured and wide-ranging trail guide for those of us who wish to write and publish with joy, fruitfulness, and courage.”

Jeff Crosby, former publisher, InterVarsity Press, and author of The Language of the Soul

“If you’re looking for a great no-nonsense book on getting it ‘write’ for authors, check out Linda Taylor’s Pathway to Publication. She takes you step by step in the traditional publication process as well as including information on getting your grammar right, writing a query letter or proposal, and many other need-to-knows for beginning AND advanced authors. A must have for any writer who wants to appear the professional to others in the industry.”

Linda S. Glaz, literary agent/author

“There are many books on the craft of writing by excellent writers who are not teachers, and others authored by competent instructors who are not in themselves gifted writers. In Linda K. Taylor’s Pathway to Publication, we have both. In this beautifully crafted, accessible volume, educator Taylor serves as an expert guide to aspiring and established writers alike. Rather than simply offering advice, Taylor also provides practical worksheets on every aspect of the publishing process. I will be recommending Pathway to Publication to every writer I know.”

Maggie Wallem Rowe, author of This Life We Share 

“Having been a student under Linda Taylor, I was so excited to hear about this book. This is the guide I wished I had when I first started writing as a teenager. Her voice is so inviting, and the tips are not only practical but also essential in today’s publishing world. You really don’t want to dive into the industry without a copy of this. It’ll save you tears and years of meandering. Not to mention it even has nitty-gritty details such as navigating contracts, self-editing, and so much more. Students would be willing to give hundreds of thousands of dollars for this information. How wonderful that this book is just the price of a few cups of coffee.”

Hope Bolinger, Acquisitions Editor and author of 20+ books 

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to write Pathway to Publication. Linda Taylor is an accomplished author with books from Tyndale House, as well as an editor and contributor to many books from major publishers, including the best-selling Life Application Study Bible. If that’s not enough, she has two master’s degrees and directs the Professional Writing program at Taylor University. Most of all, she loves teaching, so you will enjoy and be encouraged as her student in this book.”

James N. Watkins, award-winning author of Communicate to Change Lives and conference speaker

“In Pathway to Publication, author Linda Taylor serves as sherpa, guiding writers from idea to book. Drawing from a distinguished career in the publishing industry, Taylor packaged her extensive knowledge and experience into a step-by-step process for success. The worksheets included are worth the price of the book, a tangible roadmap to effectively navigate your dream into reality.”

PeggySue Wells, bestselling author of 33 titles including The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make and The Patent  

Having had the opportunity to witness Prof. Taylor in action, teaching for Taylor University’s unique Professional Writing program, just as in her classroom, her love of books, words and writing shines throughout her latest book, Pathway to Publication, an excellent overview of the publishing industry.

With a conversational style, much humor and encouragement, this book tackles revisions, submissions, proposals, self-promotion, social media, and so much more, offering a step-by-step guide that provides readers with not only the knowledge and tools needed to succeed, but to also begin their publication journey with boldness and confidence.

Having worked in publishing over 30 years including former acquisitions editor for HarperCollins, I can attest this book provides everything needed to get published, with or without an agent. And as I am also passionate about helping other writers, I now have an excellent resource to share, I plan to make Pathway to Publication required reading for my future students, interns, and clients, and I highly recommend it to any and all aspiring authors.

Kim Childress, Book Editor, Girls’ Life; Founder Childress Ink ~ Ink-a-Dink