Now Tell Me about You

Okay readers, who are you out there? A few of you I know personally; many of you follow me (thank you!) even though we’ve never met.

Remember when we used to do those “25 Things about Me” lists on Facebook? I retrieved mine recently and updated it a bit. So here are 25 things about me. Does anything resonate with you? Then tell me more about YOU in the comments.

  1. I am for standing for the National Anthem. Hand over heart. Men with hats off.
    red dress
    Me in my little red dress, early 1960s.

    Military saluting. Always. Every time. Everywhere.

  2. I’m a born again Christian who loves Jesus and am trying to learn to love as Jesus loves.
  3. I enjoy singing old hymns. What poetry! What amazing theology embedded in those works of art. They fill my soul.
  4. Politics—be involved but don’t let the antics of politicians ruin your day. Don’t let your mood be determined by them. The beauty of the American system is that we have a chance to vote out the people we don’t like and vote in the people we do. In the meantime, enjoy life. I’ve seen enough politicians come and go in my lifetime to know that nothing is permanent.
  5. I like living in a place where the seasons change. Each has its own magic.
  6. I love pecan pie.
  7. There really is nothing like an excellent cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream.
  8. I am blessed to have a loving family and have prayed to build a loving home where family and friends can visit and feel comfortable and cared for.
  9. I am blessed to have a job I love and freelance work that I find just as exciting.
  10. I feel strongly about grammar mistakes, but not enough to be annoying.
  11. I love words—how they look, how they sound, how they go together. I’m constantly astounded that a finite number of words can be combined to create masterpieces or drivel. And I’m constantly attempting to make my writing better so mine isn’t drivel. Good books fuel me. Writing calms my anxious heart.
  12. I enjoy organizing . . . anything. I feel good when it (whatever it is) is organized. I hyperventilate in office supply stores.
  13. One of my favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. And give me Mystery Science Theater any day of the week.
  14. Memes. Funny memes.
  15. I got engaged to my husband in a hot air balloon.
  16. I’m completely craft impaired. I don’t get the point of cross stitching or scrapbooking or card stamping. But I love it when other people do it. I’m amazed, frankly.
  17. I am also sports impaired. I never made a sports team I tried out for. I stopped trying after I knocked out my dad’s front tooth with my elbow practicing for the girls’ basketball team tryouts. (And no, didn’t make that team either.)
  18. I love public speaking. I hear it’s the #1 fear of most people, so what’s wrong with this picture?
  19. Pets have a huge place in my heart. We have a Shih Tzu and a few cats who found us in the country — willing suckers who fed them and soon housed them.

    My husband and I in China at the astonishing Great Wall.
  20. I’ve been all over Europe (Germany [lived there for my 4 high school years], Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Monaco, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, even Liechtenstein) and also to China. I still want to visit Scotland, Ireland, and Greece.
  21. I’m an MK—military kid, specifically an Air Force brat. When people ask me where I grew up, I say “everywhere.” I am proud of my amazing parents.
  22. I love my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces (and their various significant others). She’s 11 years younger than me (and we’re the only two), so it’s awesome that we’re friends.
  23. I like to do laundry.
  24. I think my kids are awesome—interesting, talented, self-confident. They’re miles ahead of where I was at their age.
  25. Oh, and did I mention my grandkids?

So now tell me about you! One thing, five things, 25 things! I want to get to know you.

11 thoughts on “Now Tell Me about You

  1. 1. Words fascinate me also. I love to put them together, take them apart and rearrange them.
    2. I like reading short stories that make me cry.
    3. Dogs are my favorite animal. Our little terrier follows me around the house and is very loyal.
    4. I don’t particularly enjoy traveling.
    5. Writing poetry is my panacea.

    1. Reading, writing, poetry. You ARE a word person.

      I grew up with a Boston Terrier. Love terriers.

      Care to share a few of those short stories that you really like? (The ones that make you cry?)

      Don’t enjoy traveling? Well, they say there’s no place like home!

      Thanks Roberta!

      1. Linda,
        You asked that i share some of the short stories that make me cry. (Cry in a good way, of course. They touch the heart.)

        Years ago I discovered the “Christmas in My Heart” series by Joe Wheeler, when Focus on the Family advertised them. If you want a heart-warming read, get one of those.

        Recently, I’ve come across several of the Chicken Soup books at yard sales (who can resist?!) . In “A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul” on page 204, the story “Cipher in the Snow” REALLY touched me because I am a teacher and I know how our actions and opinions can mold kids forever. And on pp. 155-56, the poem “A Young Girl Still Dwells” meant a lot because I found this piece just after my dad died. On p. 50, “The Martyrdom of Andy” resonated because I have seen kids rejected for ridiculous reasons and have seen the hurt in their eyes.

        In the 6th Chicken Soup book, “Daisy’s Trip” on p. 35 is about a dog who walked four miles over unfamiliar territory, to a hospital she had never been to, in order to find her master. Since I love dogs, that was good for a few tears.

        I do public speaking occasionally, and these short stories make good illustrations to end speeches. In fact, “Man Without a Country” has been well received. Now, if I can just master the art of telling them without crying in the process! When I see someone in the audience tearing up, it takes a LOT of effort to shut the floodgates in my own eyes.

        When I was teaching eighth grade in a rural school in a southern state long ago, I read aloud to my students each day. One time I chose the book “Johnny Tremain” and when I came to the part about his friend, Rab, dying, I had to leave the room and have one of my students finish the chapter while I went to the lounge and bawled a while. 🙂

      2. Linda,

        May I post one more comment to end the one I posted earlier? This is a bit of an oxymoron–but in spite of the fact that I like to read tear-jerking, heart-warming stories…I write humor columns for newspapers!

        Roberta Sarver

  2. 1. Always enjoy your posts, Linda, even though it’s ages since we’ve been able to connect personally.
    2. I work fulltime in public relations but am retiring most likely next year around this time.
    3. Our kids live in California (2) , Illinois, Massachusetts and Europe. We love visiting them.
    4. We’ll be relocating farther south once we retire – location TBA!
    5. I’ll be writing full time someday soon – God is doing amazing things,
    6. MIss you friend ! Glad all is going so well.

    1. Oh so now you’ve totally whet my appetite! Now we simply HAVE to get together. Seriously. Like, soon. Come and visit our new digs. Perhaps I can find a way to get you here! Glad we’re friends across the miles.

  3. Linda, I loved your 25 things dear friend. I don’t know the questions ( that seems to be a theme through my life) but here’s some comments on some of them and some comments on nothing to do with anything.

    1. Always stand for the “Star Spangled Banner”. It represents the thousands of men and women who died or were injured so we, all of us, could be free. Any body who is not grateful for their sacrifice is totally selfish. Being born in America is like winning the lottery every day.

    2. I follow Jesus. Where could I go but to the Lord? I remember hearing E.V. HILL preaching on If the foundations be destroyed what would the righteous do? He said “No one ever thought that someone would blow up the plane we were all riding in” but today it seems like that has happened but it is not a surprise to God, I don’t dare to speak for him except to say I trust Him and that’s a lot for me.

    3. The old hymns, the surefooted doctrine and and grace found in them is what will get you through the night.

    4. Born in Iowa, on a dairy farm, lived there to six and then moved to a dicey part of town so my dad, who had rheumatory arthritis to the point he could no longer farm, started school as a freshmen and graduated 8 years later with a doctorate in dairy science. I was then 14. I have never seen any people anywhere work harder than my mother and father. They worked til they dropped and installed that in all ten of us kids. We all started on their shoulders.

    5. My husband rode in on a white horse and rescued me. Might as well. He was the prince I’d been waiting for and he saved me. And I’ve been saving him
    ever sense. We’ve had a 40 year love affair that just keeps getting better every day.

    7. My sisters are my two best friends. My seven brothers are not far behind. I took care of them all while my parents worked. Oldest girl of an oldest girl of an oldest girl of and an oldest girl. They all married way above themselves and my nieces and nephews are well loved.. They are all written in my heart.

    8. My first love, my hero, my Dad died ten years ago. Thats the day I learned there was a hole in the world. Seems like I should have known.

    9. My dad showed me that unconditional love is hard to resist and I have tried to teach my children that!

    10. Cancer, chemo, neuropathy, constant pain and weakness hadsmade it hard for me to walk but I have an electric scooter I race around in. The cancer changed my dream of teaching or counseling full time when the children left home. But God had something better for me. My goal now is to save the world, one person at a time. God’s ways are aways higher. God’s ways are always good. I trust him and that’s a lot for me.

    11. I love words. I love to read them. I love to hold them in my mouth. I love the poetry of Wendell Berry, Martha Snell Nicholson, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Guest.

    12. I love Abraham Lincoln and chocolate, not necessarily. in that order.

  4. What a wonderful list, Janine! And I can probably say I knew almost none of that (well, I knew the Jesus and hard work and chocolate parts!). I am so sorry about your cancer battle, but am so thankful for your spirit and, of course, for your family and dear husband who walked with you through that dark time. I really really want to get together again! Hope we can cross paths at some point sooner rather than later.

    1. Three Names I go by
      1. RiTa (‘t’ as in ‘tea’) preferred
      2. Rita (‘t’ as in ‘meter’)
      3. Mrs. Koch (pronounced ‘cook’)

      Three Jobs I have had in my life
      1. high school and college teacher
      2. secretary
      3. waitress

      Three Places I have lived [besides US]
      1. A ship–M/V Doulos (5 years)
      2. Madrid, Spain (1 year)
      3. Argentina (19 years)

      Three TV Shows that I watch
      1. Designated Survivor
      2.Dancing with the Stars
      3. The The Good Doctor

      Three places I have been [among many others]
      1. Istanbul, Turkey
      2. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
      3. Lake of the Woods, Canada

      People that e-mail [Facebook] me regularly
      1. Family members
      2. Argentine friends
      3. Knee-Mail network

      Three of my favorite foods
      1. Dark Chocolate
      2. Asado
      3. Avocado

      Three things I would like to do
      1. Visit friends and family in Argentina
      2. Tour famous places: cataratas del Iguazú, Bariloche, Patagonia…
      3. Write life stories, our own and others

      Three friends I think will respond
      1. LS
      2. KH
      3. DB

      Three things I hate
      1. hypocrisy
      2. arrogance, particularly intellectual arrogance, including the assumption that people who believe in God are less intelligent (I ditto that, Lisa)
      3. A lifestyle of lying

      Three favorite sounds
      1. Early morning bird songs in Xocenpich Yucatán
      2. All laughter
      3. My new piano

      Three favorite movies
      1. The Sound of Music (first one I saw in a theatre)
      2. Evita
      3. The Mission

      Three places I would never go
      1. Antarctica
      2. the moon
      3. Hell–Jesus paid for my rescue!

      Three things I will never be
      1. A nurse (I once thought I could 🙂
      2. A sales person
      3. A marathon runner

      Three + things I like to do
      1. Travel to visit people & places
      2. Take digital images/photographs
      3. Interact with grandchildren

      Three things I would change if I could
      1. addiction problems
      2. welfare system
      3. prison population situation

      Three people I admire and respect
      1. my husband
      2. my handicapped friends: Mirtha, Viola
      3. teachers in public schools

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