And Then There Were Two

“Mom, can I bring Terra?”

My daughter speaking. She had not yet seen her new home and so was coming for a visit. But she needed to bring along her new feline friend. If you read last month’s post, Terra is one of the litter of kittens born to the stray cat that found its way to my sister’s back porch just in time to give birth. Said daughter happened to be visiting after the birth event and, you guessed it, simply had to have a kitten. (Thanks a lot, sis.)

Never mind that come fall she would be back in the college dorm where cats would not be welcomed (to her credit, sis did bring that fact up to her niece). Never mind that she would need to find a home for her kitten during the semester. No. All that would be, well, logical thinking. Instead, running on the emotions all of us have felt when visiting any pet store or after handling tiny kittens or puppies, my daughter brought one home. The little gray speckled one. The one she and her fiance named Terra–earth.

OK, so daughter and Terra arrive on our doorstep. Snickers, immediately sensing a new friendship on the horizon, leapt to the opportunity (literally) and quickly discovered that some friendships take time. KitKat, sensing competition, stalked around the edges.

During this week, the humans in the house had hospital appointments, which ended in a tonsillectomy for my daughter. Good for her, but decidedly not fun. By the end of the week she still felt miserable and was in no shape to do a nine-hour drive. We got a plane ticket . . .

. . . and a cat.

But you know what? I have discovered a brand new joy in life. There really is nothing quite like a cat snuggled up on your chest and purring. What an incredibly amazing and comforting sound! Having never owned or been around cats, I had never experienced that. What an amazing God to create these creatures who just love us so much! I have heard that cats are “stand-offish” and “sinister” and even “loners.” Well, not these two cats; they are lovers from the word go. And with a dog in my lap and two cats purring on either side, I can’t imagine feeling anything but joy.

And the three animals have decided to all just get along. They pounce, play, wrestle, and then fall asleep together in a furry heap.

So we have attracted yet another furry friend. We also have found a couple of garden snakes by the pond, plus several frogs who hang on the lily pads and along the rocks . . . but they’re way less fun.

I’ll stick with the furry, purry ones. But maybe we have enough now . . .

10 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

  1. Terra – love the name. What a fun story to read.

    I have owned cats my entire life, and I often think of my cat Genevieve’s relationship to me as being similar in some ways to my relationship with God. Like Gen, I can be so self-absorbed, yet God loves me anyway just like I love Gen. She doesn’t have to prove her value to me; I love her because she’s my own.

    And you’re right about the purring…that’s their gift to us. “Pur” contentment!

  2. I’m still one dog ahead! Somehow they accumulate, dont they? But I can always say, I’m never alone. I always have someone who’s happy to see me! Someone to take a nap with. Someone who needs that walk more than I do! And someone to listen when I need to talk. And they never argue with me!

  3. “. . . some friendships take time.” I love it!!! What a great story! (If I’d known how accepting you are of strays, I might have followed you to Indiana!)

  4. Glad to be of service, sis. 🙂 Now we’re dead-even: one dog & two cats. They’re good for each other and good for us. Enjoy your growing family. 😀

  5. That’s how it starts. One becomes two…at one time I had 1 dog, 2 pigs and 10 cats. I always wanted a farm…I’m just going about it backwards. Enjoy your critters!

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