Cathy Day’s principles of Literary Citizenship

It’s been a little over a week since the Midwest Writers Workshop, held annually here in Muncie, Indiana, sent many writers back to their computers to hone their craft. One thing about this particular conference is our focus on helping our attendees not only learn more about their craft, but also to become good literary citizens. What does that mean? Although I wrote much about this topic early this year on my blog, I offer you Cathy Day’s latest post on her Literary Citizenship website as a great reminder to all of us writers that we need one another.

Literary Citizenship

Cross Post Alert: I published some initial thoughts and principles about literary citizenship, in March 2011 over at The Bird Sisters, writer Rebecca Rasmussen’s blog dedicated to artists and writers. I got a lot of my ideas from this post on the Brevity blog.

Literary Citizenship

I’ve been teaching creative writing for almost twenty years now, and here’s something I’ve observed: what brings most people to the creative writing classroom or the writing conference isn’t simply the desire to “be a writer,” but rather (or also) the desire to be a part of a literary community.
Deep down, we know that not everyone who signs up for the class or the conference will become a traditionally published writer. Well, so what? What if they become agents, editors, publishers, book reviewers, book club members, teachers, librarians, readers, or parents of all of the above?

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2 thoughts on “Cathy Day’s principles of Literary Citizenship

  1. Great tips as I mentioned at Cathy’s post. I chose not to review books–a personal policy of mine that I established after I stopped reviewing manuscripts for a publisher. But I show my appreciation of the written by interviewing authors. We have great discussions on the process of writing.

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